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Come Visit our New Home

by ryan • November 25

After 6 years on Wooster Street, Beardwood&Co. has moved to 588 Broadway, Suite 803 (between Prince and Houston). It's been a week and we already feel like it's home, though...

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Beauty in Simplest Form

by andrew • November 21

Finding inspiration can be difficult. At times the task can seem nearly impossible. Beauty of Mathematics by Yann Pineill & Nicolas Lefaucheux invites us to look to the most intrinsic...

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by sadie • October 17


Textiles are often hidden away in museum vaults because they are delicate and difficult to display for long periods of time. This is all the more reason to get...

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Beardwood Day!

by aimee • October 9

Every year the team patiently awaits Beardwood Day! A time for us to get out of the office and exercise our core values; Bravery, Anti-Bland, Curiosity, and Humanity. This year...

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Organic Icelandic Yogurt

Organic Icelandic Yogurt

by loren • June 17

Walking down the aisle the other day and saw this design that really caught my attention. The stark, clean design is very appealing and channels the aesthetic of the Scandinavian...

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Beardwood at Duane Reade

by anthony • June 14

Its like Beardwood Invaded Duane Reade this week!

I was out shopping for personal care items at my local Duane Reade when I suddenly became aware of just how many...

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Inside Out

by sarah • May 23

We are lucky enough to be located next door to a couple of photographer & graffiti artist JR's iconic pieces. Starting out in the grimier side...

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