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Julia Beardwood's portrait

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Police detective

Julia Beardwood
Founder, Partner

Julia brings 25 years of brand strategy experience, making human connections for some of the world's biggest brands.

Leaning in before it became trendy, Julia founded Beardwood&Co in 2004. Starting out with strategy and research projects, the company evolved as clients asked for help executing throughout the brand experience from naming to logos, packaging, print, web sites, ad campaigns, social media and in-store experiences.

Julia started at P&G in Europe. For 7+ years, she was Executive Director, Brand Identity for Landor New York, working with over 100 brands including Smirnoff, Gatorade, Pizza Hut, LG, Lipitor and Clairol. At D'Arcy, she was Group Account Director, creating advertising for global consumer brands. In 2013, Julia was recognized by EY as one of the leading women entrepreneurs in the United States.

Outside work, Julia loves running in Prospect Park, watching the Brooklyn Nets, and exploring the world with her husband and sons.

Sarah Williams's portrait

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Sarah Williams
Creative Director, Partner

Sarah is a swashbuckling creative explorer with a passion for big ideas that stretch across all touch points of a brand. Her creative adventures span from telling the punk rock story of the legendary CBGB's, to fully integrated campaigns for Sperry Top-Sider, and delivering girly glamour for Bath & Body Works. Not bad for a small town girl from Michigan, who set off for NYC with $50 in her pocket.

Sarah began her career in branding at Landor Associates. At Beardwood&Co, she has built an energized studio where designers thrive on the cross-pollination of ideas and diverse projects, with a focus on meaningful client collaboration.

Ryan Lynch's portrait

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National park ranger

Ryan Lynch
Managing Partner

An adventurous problem solver with 20 years experience in innovation and branding, Ryan is described alternatively as “human caffeine" and a “wise old monk." Recognized as a fearless strategist inspired by juicy problems that frighten most, Ryan has partnered with clients spanning categories and continents, from consumer goods and new technologies to service brands, pharmaceuticals and multi-million dollar private jets.

At ?What If!, Ryan helped Astra Zeneca understand the needs of their schizophrenic patients; envisioned the future of banking for Citi; developed candy ideas with kids for Hershey's in India; and partnered with eBay to increase top buyer loyalty. Bringing passion with purpose to each project, Ryan spent 10 years leading branding and innovation projects at Landor where he developed global brands and new products for clients including Diageo, Blackberry, HBO, Pfizer and American Express.

Samantha Allen's portrait

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Samantha Allen

Raised in the wilds of Maine, Samantha's interest in packaging grew from the collection of jars her family used for canning.

She believes that the best design happens when strategy and aesthetics meet to enrich people's lives. She has collaborated on a variety of projects from global skincare to local pop-up exhibits with clients including P&G, Unilever, Design Museum Boston, Ito En, CVS, and Deep River.

When not in the studio she can be found working on a craft project or growing her vintage jewelry collection.

Trey Armstrong's portrait

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Satirical Sports Columnist for Grantland

Trey Armstrong
Sr. Strategist, Account Mgr.

Trey arrived in the branding world by way of procurement consulting (yes, seriously), where he worked primarily within Marketing departments at a handful of footwear and apparel brands. With an education and past work experience deeply rooted in “left-brained" problem solving, Trey harnesses his analytical and structured approach to client projects at B&Co. as both a project manager and a brand strategist.

When away from the office, you can find Trey either watching or playing basketball (or yelling at the TV), jotting down ideas for his teleplay, or investigating new indie rock tunes.

Allison Braund-Harris's portrait

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Pet massage therapist

Allison Braund-Harris
Manager, Strategy & Account

A self-described serial learner, Allison has always been curious about how people make decisions and how brands build relationships with their customers. She's a strategy/design hybrid with her BFA in Graphic Design and Masters in Branding, and has worked with brands like L'Oréal, Pernod Ricard, Purina, PepsiCo, and Colgate to find innovative solutions for design and strategy.

Outside work, Allison likes to cook, read sci-fi and fantasy, go to the newest immersive theater show, and hunt for her ever-changing favorite activity in NYC. As a trend forecaster, she always has her eyes peeled for something fascinating.

Loren Clapp's portrait

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Formula 1 driver

Loren Clapp
Design Director

Over the past ten years Loren has worked with clients large and small, finding an appreciation for the complexities of both. Building brands with clients such as Smirnoff, Coca Cola, Whole Foods, and Tiger Woods. He also engages in passion projects with non-profits and cultural institutions such as the Seaport Museum of New York and The Old Stone House. Loren brings a wide range of experience from multiple industries and approaches every challenge with a clarity of vision, seeking distinctive results.

Courtney Deary's portrait

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Courtney Deary
Senior Designer

The fear of an unfinished puzzle and a used box of art supplies are what led Courtney to a career in design. She loves the research and hunt for inspiration that bring a concept to life. She has worked with clients ranging from the New York City DOT to SC Johnson.

Courtney keeps busy by mentoring for Big Brothers Big Sisters and being captain on her softball team. She also loves a good "dad joke."

Erin Marucco's portrait

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Erin Marucco
Design Director

Erin's commitment to translating business objectives into strategic creative work began in 2005 at Landor Associates in Cincinnati. Next up was 10+ years in New York City creating work for brands ranging from boutique wellness to global CPG. Her focus on building dynamic and meaningful team relationships, both in the studio and with clients, demonstrates her deep interest in collaboration for the greater good.

Hunting for the big idea and finding ways to dig deeper into juicy insights is what makes Erin's clock tick in the studio. Out of the studio, it is finding the best spots in the city for dumplings, northern Italian wines and Danish art.

Derek Horn's portrait

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Fortune cookie writer

Derek Horn

Having created his own board game at the age of 9 before even understanding what graphic design was, it's not surprising that Derek felt right at home when entering the world of design. He brings a keen eye for detail and tenaciously positive attitude to every collaborative endeavor.

If he's not in the studio, Derek is most likely discovering up-and-coming indie musicians, stumbling upon street art, reading about social issues, or eating his way through NYC.

Andrew Tillotson's portrait

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Professional soccer player

Andrew Tillotson
Senior Designer

Obsessed with brand systems, Andrew excels at merging aesthetics and organization to create dynamic design. From branding and packaging, to advertising, Andrew tackles every challenge with extreme attention to detail and consistency. This sharp focus allows him to strike a balance between cutting-edge styles and history's most valid design principles.

Andrew spends his free time digging through dusty record bins, tearing up the pitch with his soccer team, or simply enjoying nature on his farm in Michigan.

Michael Tyznik's portrait

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Subway conductor

Michael Tyznik
Senior Designer

With a background in both architecture and graphic design, Michael's work at Beardwood&Co. ranges from packaging design for clients including Tim Smith's Climax Moonshine and Honest Tea, to branding and web design for Edgewell Personal Care, to pop-up shop and event design for Sperry Top-Sider.

Outside the studio, you can find Michael in search of visually arresting movies and video games, hanging out at the pinball speakeasy, and studying the intricacies of transit systems and maps.