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Edgewell Personal Care Branding

How do you launch a global corporate challenger brand?

The Challenge

In 2015, the Personal Care division of Energizer Holdings broke away to form a new stand-alone company. As they were streamlining to have a greater focus on personal care brands, they needed to convey their own innovative challenger spirit, and the credibility that comes with over 200 years of history. Edgewell owns many global and national brands including Schick, Wilkinson Sword, Hawaiian Tropic, Banana Boat, and Playtex.

Our Solution

Beginning with naming this new company, we created and launched their brand identity. From the outset, the new name and logo were introduced through internal and external communications and media. It was critical to engage employees and investors in the Edgewell Personal Care story to build enthusiasm and momentum going forward.

Name & Logo

Why Edgewell? Edge suggests innovation, trail blazing, and a passion to win. “On the cutting edge,” “The leading edge,” “An edge on the competition.” And it does so while evoking the companies’ heritage, putting an edge on blades. Why the Hummingbird? Hummingbirds are the challenger of the animal kingdom, and set Edgewell apart amongst companies in their competitive set. Hummingbirds are small, agile, and innovative— they are the only birds that can hover and even fly upside down. Beyond this, hummingbirds deliver surprise and delight— an immediate recognition and emotional connection.

Launch Video

We wrote and produced a brand video in collaboration with our partners at One Thousand Percent, to introduce the new name and logo. The video was shown at launch events with investors and employees, and is featured on Edgewell's website in three languages.


We architected, designed, and launched the new Edgewell corporate website in July of 2015. Messaging strategy and content were created and translated into three languages for a global audience, with key goals of attracting future talent and investors, and giving Edgewell’s customers and consumers a central source for information. Highlighting the people of Edgewell, company values, sustainability initiatives, and the 200+ year history were important to communicate in compelling ways. We worked seamlessly with our partners at Rubenstein Technology to create a fully responsive site (across mobile and desktop), integrated into a content management system.

Internal Launch Campaign & House Style

We created a series of posters and digital displays that were distributed to Edgewell’s 70+ locations around the world. With a goal of engaging and introducing employees to the new brand, we focused on connecting stories of product innovation with the moments of real-life connection. A blue-green “glow of innovation” brings the stories together visually, representing the creativity and engineering behind Edgewell’s products.

Values Icons

Edgewell's values of Passion, Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, and Initative are ingrained into the company's culture. We created a set of five simple icons to represent each value, which colleagues can use to reinforce the values in internal communications.

Custom Employee Notebook

A custom notebook was created to be given to employees globally. It features an embossed logo on the front and back cover. The notebook highlights company mission, vision, and values with pages included for notes and thoughts to be used over time.

Brand & Signage Guidelines

At the dawn of the new branding and house style, it was critical for Edgewell as a global company to have clear and comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistent application going forward. Easy-to-follow rules for logo usage, all design assets and photography, brand voice, and signage were brought together into one key document, and launched with a full suite of digital assets.