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Wise Apple Cider

Ugly Apples Make
Sustainable Inspiration

The Challenge

Our friends at Grape Hollow farms had an abundance of "ugly apples"— those with blemishes and 
pock marks that taste wonderful but are often passed-over at the market. We shared a vision to 
create a limited edition hard cider for the holidays with sustainability in mind, using the ugly apples 
and repurposed wine bottles.

Our Solution

We created "Wise Apple" hard cider, illustrated with our signature owl character and a mixture of elements that are as sharp and colorful as the taste of the cider itself. Natural materials from the cider brewing process combine with whimsy—representing the wisdom and creativity you’ll find when working with the mighty owls at Beardwood&Co.


For this special limited edition design— details include a wood textured label with wood-burned branding, foil stamping and embossed details, and a wooden bar-top cork closure. To embrace further sustainability practices, the cider was packaged in reused and repurposed wine bottles.