“Above all, I want a true partnership with clients who want their brands to stand out."

— Julia Beardwood


A Message from Julia Beardwood

I knew there was a better way to work with clients to grow their businesses. When I started this company in 2004, the shift of power to the consumer was well underway. We needed to help clients understand their end users better and form nimble teams to act on that insight. By getting the right strategic and creative people involved at the right time, we could leverage the power of an emotional connection as a constant thread through brand communications.

I also wanted to create a better place to work. A place focused on creating the best possible work for clients without bureaucracy or internal divisions. A place where people have grand aspirations and boundless energy for what we can achieve. A fun place to work!

Having started out as a bunch of freelancers meeting in Starbucks, I'm proud to look around at an amazing team of strategists and designers in a lovely loft space in Soho. We continue to partner with a talent army of freelance specialists — over 40 of them last year.

Our logo symbolizes an owl as a sign of the "uncommon wisdom" we aim to bring to our clients. Our growth over the past ten years and diversity of challenges that come our way suggest we're doing something right. That said, we're always looking out for interesting opportunities, so please get in touch.