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What's the Story Morning Glory?

by ryan • March 26

We spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to tell stories and develop compelling narratives for our client’s brands, products and services. Whether it’s the quirky founder or the unique history of a place, stories are the lifeblood of human communication and by default brand communication. While the story you tell as a brand is critical, it’s equally important to ensure you are facilitating the stories your customers tell each other about you.

We recently went on a studio visit to get some inspiration at Local Projects, a media design firm best known for their work developing Story Corps, the New York Visitors Center and the 9/11 Memorial. Jake Barton, their founder, reinforced the power of this approach and the low-fi and hi-tech ways it can be accomplished.

Wikipedia, e-commerce customer reviews and Yelp are perfect examples of consumers telling stories to each other.Obama’s campaign fundraising connected like-minded individuals to tell their “Yes we can” stories to each other.Lots of consumer brands encourage you to tell stories about their products on their website or social media pages. It’s expected that you open up this line of communication.

Luna Bar has taken it one step further. Customers are encouraged to send in letters about who inspires them, which are then printed on actual packages. It’s a genius stroke that co-ops these inspirational human stories into the actual fabric of the brand without ever speaking about product. How can you get your consumers talking about you, with you or for you?