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Green Up For Earth Day At TerraCycle Pop Up Store

by julia • April 4

Frequent followers will know how much we admire and support TerraCycle, the brand that aims to own the market of transforming trash into something valuable.

Since we worked with them in 2006-7 to revamp their positioning, logo and packaging, TerraCycle has spread their message nationally and internationally.

In celebration of Earth Day this April, they're opening a pop-up store at the Port Authority New York carrying all their products to build awareness of their mission among us urbanites.

Perhaps more importantly, Wal-Mart is carrying 60 TerraCycle products for the month of April to see how they will sell in their stores. In many instances, the TerraCycle product will be sold alongside the parent "trash" brand, such as Lays or Capri-Sun.

We salute both TerraCycle and Wal-Mart for their brave adventure, and are proud for our small part in making it happen.