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Mixed Messages

by loren • April 19

I ran across this assortment of handmade signs from a fruit market in Flushing, Queens. I think its intriguing to see how the informal cropping of a fruit container can take a new meaning entirely. The original message has lost its intended meaning and lives on as an abstract background for fruit prices.

Switzerland based Freitag makes bags from reclaimed advertising banners. Products that reclaim money through sales of re-purposed materials such as commercial advertising is an idea that fascinates me. The saying "one mans trash is another mans treasure" comes to mind. But only when the original message is removed and cropped does it transform.

Companies likeTerracycle are selling "products made from trash" such as umbrellas, bags, and other useful things. Brand name products are collected and resold at box stores such as Walmart and Target. Old juice boxes and candybar wrappers are made into everything from kites, and holiday bows to buckets and bookbags. In their words they are attempting to outsmart waste by making it into cool products.