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by kristin • May 18

The Deitch is good for one more show, before owner Jeffrey Dietch moves to L.A. Shepherd Fairey is a cultural & controversial phenomenon, not least because he has embraced commercialism. His art adorns many buildings as graffiti, but his work has also found its way onto belt buckles, t-shirts and even guitars, something his detractors complain is selling out but something Fairey says is making his work accessible to a younger crowd.

Fairey’s show, called Mayday, obviously coincides with the month it’s showing. But "Mayday" is also an international distress signal. In that sense, Fairey’s work is that of protest. Why it’s interesting from a design perspective is the level of detail he puts into every piece and the power of the message it delivers. Every collage element is thoughtfully designed and considered. As commercial as he is, Fairey subverts his own medium to question the very culture his works exploits, and for this reason this highly iconic artist deserves attention from a designer’s perspective.