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Google Has No Eyes

by ryan • June 1

In spite of the wonders of search, it’s still nearly impossible to find a decent image online. If you can cobble together the correct string of search terms and someone has managed to do the same with the tags on their images, you might be lucky enough to find a tiny thumbnail that could be of use if it wasn’t so bitmapped as to be unreadable.  Google can’t see, so it can’t tell you if an image matches its tag; is in focus; connects with the viewer or is worth the time it takes to open. An experienced human eye is still the best judge of an image’s value and power.

Here are two great favorite examples of the power of a good photo editor. While neither of these will help you find the exact image you’re after, they visually inspire and demand your focused attention. Enjoy the images – someone with an experienced eye has done the searching for you.

aCurator – Photo editor Julie Grahame’s magazine was born out of frustration with a lack of high quality full screen images on-line.

The Guardian Eyewitness – The British newspaper’s website and iPad app dedicated to one spectacular image a day.

Happy viewing.