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by loren • June 4

The Android phone is the latest smart phone collaborative effort between Google, Verizon, and Motorola. Considered the first real challenger to Apples iphone. The brand voice and image that Verizon marketers has crafted is a clear differentiation from Apples cool, smart and humanistic feel. Kind of like robot fingers vs. human fingers, PC's vs. Mac's?

Droid is striking in its techy, synthetic, and decidedly male feel. Each commercial features robotic voices and Sci-Fi gadgetry it seems like your watching the trailer for the latest space alien action flick. Its surprises me that this cold emotionless approach could appeal to any audience, but according to market trends the campaign is connecting to consumers and gaining some much needed attention for Motorola.

The only thing I can think of is that Verizon has capitalized and leveraged on the frustration of iphone users who are annoyed with dropped calls, congested service, and strict licensing. Verizon has effectively branded the Android phone and Droid network as the strong, assertive, powerful choice while painting Apple as a delicate, shiny, and elitist brand. Neither company sells phones, Apple offers a seamless, holistic lifestyle while Verizon is attempting to sell v8 muscle POWER.

The tagline "DROID DOES", seems to fit the bold, no nonsense message perfectly. I just wish the droid advertising could DO it a bit more gracefully, and with less scary robots.