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Less is More

by kristin • July 27

While so much of what we do involves the visual, designers are, at base, storytellers, earth colors and rustic forms to denote a shampoo’s organic origins, clean whites and cool hues for the industrial efficiency of a new anti-aging cream. Those are cliches, of course, and that’s what we try so hard to avoid, too hard sometimes, as the cache of images at cheekily catalogs.

What, for example, is the first thing that pops in your head when  a client is “thinking green”? The VERY FIRST. It’s this, isn’t it?

Thinking Green

And when another client wants to evoke the fun, youthful brand promise implicit in its newly formulated “youth in revolt” soda, you’re probably thinking this:

Youth in Revolt

These images are justly mocked for their overwhelming awfulness, but we all know how easy it is to try to cram too much information into a graphic element. The difference is, good designers get the message across without bombarding the consumer with all of the ideas. After all, there’s a thin line between telling a story and getting lost in the details.