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One Size Does Not Fit All

by ryan • August 15

When a mother-of-two, who happens to live at 10,000 feet on the top of a mountain, told us she had lost 40 pounds over the past year, the knee-jerk response, after the obvious “Congratulations”, was “How”?  The snow doesn’t melt until June and it’s a 30-minute drive down a treacherous road to the nearest store, not to mention a gym of any kind., an online exercise and weight-loss community, was the catalyst.  Digging a little deeper, she explained that the website allowed her to assess the calories she was burning doing her regular activities – chopping wood, chasing kids up the mountain or an hour of gardening.  In fact, the exercise convertor on SparkPeople includes activities that we would never have considered – darts, bobsledding, mowing the lawn and heaving cleaning.  Who knew officiating a sporting event for an hour could burn almost 500 calories?

Our work in wellness has taught us again and again that each person’s approach will be different and the road to success is the one you have to trip over to reach the cookie jar.  In other words, the easier it is to fit wellness into your daily life, the more likely you are to pursue it and stick to it in the long run.  Not rocket science we know, but wellness is as unique as the individuals who pursue it and if you hope to engage them – you have to do it on their terms, not yours.