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You must be joking, right?!

by sarah • October 28

A recent Saturday Night Live faux advertisement for Pepto Bismal Ice had us rolling with laughter. The “product” claimed to satisfy the consumer need to keep dancing and partying all night, without being slowed down by an upset stomach— allowing club-goers to continue enjoying their favorite pink malt liquor beverage. The thick pink liquid oozes from a glass bottle into a cocktail glass, offering creamy relief. Mmmm…

Pepto Bismal Ice could actually satisfy a real need for consumers, even if in a slightly disgusting way. But other REAL products have been brought to market over the past few years, scoring high on the disgust-o-meter, without offering a solution to anything in particular. Heinz EZ Squirt is actually green ketchup created with kids in mind, although you need to read the small type at the bottom of the pack to know for sure. The Candwich line offers portable sandwiches in soda-like cans. PBJ and BBQ Chicken flavors are available. Batter Blasters took inspiration from aerosol cheese products of the 80’s. Simply push on the nozzle and pancake batter squirts from the can into the pan. Any of these sound appealing? …Didn’t think so!

Here’s a new idea: A tiny vacuum small enough to fit in your nostril and clear out your sinuses, relieving the pain and suffering of congestion naturally.

I’ll bet Dyson could make that beautiful and useful, with no loss of suction!