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AIGA Gain Highlights

by sarah • October 29

At this year’s AIGA Gain Conference, we witnessed a moving diatribe by artist and computer scientist Jonathan Harris. Amongst the highly professional presentations and pitches of speakers, his stood out as truly passionate, emotional, and struck a chord with the audience. He spoke about his own personal battle between developing complex code for the online world, and interacting as a real human in the real world— the two are difficult to achieve simultaneously. He also ranted about current social networking sites, and how they prescribe and dehumanize our interactions online. Much of his work deals with how humans relate to each other through technology, using storytelling, anthropology, and visual art.

Other favorite moments of the conference:

John Maeda telling us it’s ok to fail sometimes. You don’t always have to know what you’re doing. The problem is when you don’t try.

Paola Antonelli calling for the end of using the word “consumer”. “Let’s call them peeps instead!” Yes, they are actually real people with real lives.

The curious mind of Eating Designer, Marije Vogelzang: she taught her daughter to love her veggies by inviting all her friends over to make veggie jewelry, using only their teeth as tools. Amazing observations on the intersection of human behavior and design, in its simplest form.