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Library Lock-Down

by sadie • April 21

What’s our idea of a good time on a Friday night? Spending it in a library of course! We’ve all dreamed of spending an entire night leafing through manuscripts and archives, discovering hidden treasures from our literary past.

Or maybe it’s just us.

But clearly, the New York Public Library is on the same page [pun intended]. They recently announced an event called Find the Future to celebrate the Library’s Centennial. On Friday, May 20th, 500 invited guests will spend the night at the 5th Avenue branch. All night.

Here is a link to the video with lots of fast cuts and shots of library doors, which doesn’t explain all that much while making you really, really want to apply.

With all the book alternatives around these days (iPads, 3D televisions and basically anything that you can’t use during take-off and landing), we’re on board with any initiative that gives prominence to paper. But it’s not all unplugged. Participants will follow clues on smartphones and laptops to find inspiring items from the Library’s collection and then write about the item itself and the experience of searching for it. All of this will be wrapped up and compiled into a new book that will be published. It is billed as a book that builds on the Library’s past to inspire the future.

Don’t feel left out if you don’t make the cut. The rest of us are welcome to participate on the library’s website starting Saturday, May 21st. We’ll just have to spend our Friday night doing something boring and unimaginative like dinner and a movie. [Sigh].