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Translating design objectives to business impact

Translating design objectives to business impact

by julia • April 20


At last week's FUSE conference, Mauro Porcini gave an inspiring presentation on how he has gone about infusing a design culture throughout 3M.  As the global design leader, he has learned that getting buy-in from marketing, finance and research people, requires you to explain how design objectives will impact purchase.

For 3M, Mauro has established three critical design objectives that tie directly to business impact:

1) Visceral Reaction – because when people have an emotional reaction, it leads to impulse purchase

2) Interactive Relations – because an amazing user experience brings emotional satisfaction and loyalty

3) Expressive Relations – because when people are excited by and proud of something they own, they spontaneously share it with friends; it is your best source of PR.

Words of wisdom from Mauro: “People need to understand that design is not about styling, it is about experiences that people react to emotionally.”