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by sarah • May 23

This weekend I ran in the Brooklyn Half Marathon, a 13 mile race through my home borough. It was several months of slowly building towards the goal: to have fun and finish strong. Training for a distance race has the obvious benefit of fitness—but also takes mental focus to push through painful parts, ambition when it’s looking dreary outside, and keeping the deadline in mind for several months. It also helps to have a great running partner to keep each other motivated.

It’s easy to see the parallel between running and business: the value of endurance.  It’s not something we are born with. It's not glamourous or flashy. You're going to have to sweat a bit and it's learned through experience—but the rewards are worth it. Enjoy the journey, give your best effort when it’s cloudy and gray, and most importantly—amp up the energy as you cross the finish line. You'll be sure to get that "runner's high" at the end!