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Bike Fetish or Brand Ambassador

by ryan • May 31

On Saturday, a side street in Brooklyn was closed down to be the temporary home of hundreds of meticulously maintained bikes - mostly Schwinns.  Yes there were the garden variety cruisers polished to within a micron of their chrome plating, but there were also contemporary customized numbers that owners had crafted over decades of Saturdays, but still with a Schwinn nameplate front and center.

Most of the owners belong to bike clubs, complete with leather vests and logos.  Some clubs even referenced Schwinn in their names. It's hard to imagine a more ardent bunch of brand ambassadors, in action, obsession and identity.  How can you get a bunch of grown men to spend a serious chunk of their free time working on and promoting your brand?  Like all attachment, it comes down to the instant desire to reach out and touch it, the experience over time that keeps engaging and ultimately the reflection of self.  These are the three wheels on the tricycle of human desire and according to this crowd, Schwinn has got it to spare.