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It's about them, not you . . .

It's about them, not you . . .

by ryan • June 20

One of the hallmarks of a successful brand is how Identifying it is.  In other words, how much I, as a potential user, want to shout about and be associated with it.  Our top tip about Identifying brands is to remember that it’s about them, not you.  Many brands are advised to have a conversation with their consumers, but what they should really be striving for are customers having conversations with each other about the brand.

Crest Hardware, a local Brooklyn institution has been doing this for the past ten years with the Crest Hardware Art Show - Crest Fest, as locals know it.  For the month of June, the entire store is turned into a gallery space with at least 150 original artworks for sale amongst the plumbing equipment and garden supplies. The Wall Street Journal says the Crest show “is now considered a stepping-stone to acclaimed group shows on the level of P.S. 1.”

A Crest shopper this weekend was heard saying, “I brought friends yesterday to see the show, but I had to pop in to buy something today.” Hipsters were lined up to purchase commemorative Crest Fest 2011 T-shirts, a badge of honor in the neighborhood.   While all of the proceeds go to local civic organizations, Crest Hardware benefits in big brand building ways.  How else would a family owned hardware store get listed as a must see in Time Out New York and the Wall Street Journal?  What better way to keep local artists as customers than giving them gallery space?  How else can you get notoriously fickle Millennials to wear your brand on their back?

Make the conversation about them and not about you.  A brand is a vehicle and the quicker one realizes it’s not the subject of conversation, the louder people will be shouting positive things about it.

Here are a few favorites from the show.