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"Once you POP, the BEATS won't stop"

"Once you POP, the BEATS won't stop"

by loren • July 8

This past April, P&G sold it's last food brand, Pringles, to Diamond Foods. With it's new acquisition, Diamond Foods, is running a really awesome promo for America's crisp, saddle chip. "Get that Summertime Feeling" is a summer long promotion being offered through October 2011. With the purchase of any four Pringles Super Stack cans, consumers can receive via mail order a tiny speaker that fits on the top of any Pringles canister. These speakers can be attached to any i-Pod or music device and are designed to amplify sound.

Pringles has done a really great job at making a connection with its consumers through this promotion. With a brand that is all about unexpected fun, these mini speakers are another way to keep the good times going. On a hot summer day, when you are laying out in the sun, these eco-friendly speakers are the perfect companion. Music is an expression of ones self, and with Pringles using music as their form of brand expression, it speaks to a very large target audience. Good branding is all about making a human connection with the consumer and I think that this promo has done exactly that. When a consumer says, yes this product speaks to me, this encompasses a representation of myself, then as a brand, you've done an excellent job. Well done Pringles.

I have already purchased my four cans of Pringle super stacks and have mailed away for the speakers. While this promotion is very appealing, a great idea is only as good as the execution and I may have lost interest by the time they arrive, as it takes 10-12 weeks. By then, Summer will be over!