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What Keeps You Up at Night?

by sadie • February 17

What keeps you up at night?

For many people who carry their cares to bed, the answer can be “quite a lot.” From reliving the day to worrying about tomorrow, our thoughts can haunt us as soon as we have quiet time to ourselves, making it hard to fall asleep.

So how do you block out the world and get a good night’s rest? Here are a few tricks to try.

1)   Same time to bed, same time to rise. Park yourself in bed at the same time every night and schedule your alarm for the same time every morning. We’re creatures of habit and you can train your body to understand “sleep time.”

2)   Close the bedroom door and close out the world. Signal that the day is over and it’s sleep time by physically closing off your space.

3)   Read before bed. But no newspapers, self-help books, or business journals. It should be a mental escape that gives you distance from your concerns. It shouldn’t remind you of the world you just closed out.

4)   Turn on a sound machine to block out noise. Or even just turn on a fan or air conditioner for the white noise.

5)   Play a sleep game. Counting sheep is too boring to hold your attention, and you’ll find your pesky thoughts getting chatty again. Find a game that is just barely interesting enough to distract you. My favorite is the color game. I pick a color (e.g. orange) and then try to list everything in that color, starting with flowers, then fruits, then vegetables, etc. I’m usually asleep before Butternut Squash.

6)   Relax. Sleep is one of those things you can’t really control. You can set the stage for a good night’s sleep, but then you have to let go. The less you worry about missing sleep, the less you have to keep you up.