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A good investment

A good investment

by kelly • March 15

photographs by Ben Baker / Redux

Around 15 years ago Sara Blakely had a problem. She'd just bought a pair of cream pants and didn't want an underwear line—so she cut the toes off a pair of pantyhose and wore them. Unfortunately they rolled up all night, presumably creating more of a problem than the original. But great idea starts with a problem, which Sara's pantyhose had proven to be, it just takes someone willing to put in the time and a ton of hard work to create a solution. With $5,000, countless hours of research and perseverance, Sara Blakely founded the company Spanx, doing much of the work in the evenings after she'd spent the day selling printers and fax machines. She ended up creating a brand that revolutionized the undergarment industry and recently made Ms. Blakely, at age 41, the youngest female, self-made billionaire.

Check out this article over on Forbes and be prepared to be inspired!