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Reviving a Brand Based on Heritage: Sperry Top-Sider

Reviving a Brand Based on Heritage: Sperry Top-Sider

by loren • April 5

In order for heritage brands to be successful, it is essential for them to constantly remain relevant to a consumer audience that is constantly changing and evolving. Heritage brands can have the upper hand when it comes to evolving their brand as they have a history and a story to tell that newer brands don't.

So when heritage brand, Sperry Top-Sider, decided it was time for a bit of a makeover, they strategically took a long hard look at what it was that was working for the brand, what was not, and what from it's past could be used as the building blocks for its future.

Today, boat shoes are very fashionable and therefore extremely popular. Walk into any shoe store and you're guaranteed to find a boat shoe on display. So what makes Sperry Top-Sider different than all these other boat shoe brands? Their heritage and vision for the future. They are the professionals, the originators of the boat shoe and therefore have permission to be the trend setters and the leaders of the category. They have quickly learned that to keep up with it's competitors they need to appeal to multi-generations. Collaborating with brands such as Band of Brothers, Milly and Penfield has proven to be very successful and differentiates them from all the other boat shoes. Sperry Top-Sider is able to speak to those of us who like the Classic Authentic Originals or to those of us who want a touch of vibrancy which you find in their Milly design patterns.

If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would ever consider buying a pair of boat shoes, I would have said no with certainty. 5 years ago I didn't know anyone my age that wore them. They were shoes my uncle wore at family picnics. Today, I own 3 pair of boat shoes. Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes to be precise. Sperry Top-Sider has done an amazing job at expanding their target audience so that not only can my 55 year old uncle wear them with confidence, but so can college kids and young adults.

Bottom line, Sperry Top-Sider is a brand that both inspires and endures. Sperry Top-Sider has deliberately built a brand on heritage and it's what keeps people coming back for more.

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