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Lo-Fi, high demand

by loren • June 20

I am intrigued with this 1-bit camera app that translates your crisp pictures into grainy 1-bit dithering patterns reminiscent of 80's era computers.

This seems to underscore a nostalgic desire for wear and tactility in digital photos that has made Instagram (recently acquired for 1 billion dollars) such a hit. "digital retro" is a term used to describe this aesthetic of manipulating crisp, HI-res images to look of another era, wrought with random imperfections. Images that capture a less refined and less predictable process.

Have we reached a threshold for ultra realism in our culture? The app description page for 1-Bit camera says: "In an age of ever-increasing megapixels and bit depth it is now painfully clear; It is not the number of pixels that matters, but the quality of those individual pixels!"