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A Visit with Lewis Moberly (Competition & Collaboration beyond the Olympics!)

by julia • August 9

I paid a visit to Lewis Moberly while in London. I'd been introduced to Robert Moberly a few months ago, and he kindly invited me to visit their studio. I've long admired Lewis Moberly's work: it is consistently clever and outstandingly beautiful. Robert shared a couple of the approaches behind their success.

First, a critical step to their work's effectiveness is gaining total clarity upfront, conducting in-depth interrogation until they are certain precisely what the brand needs to do to impact perceptions and behavior. He said they love to boil things down to just a few words so everyone is focused on the task at hand.

Second, they use a process of internal competition to develop and refine design concepts. In effect, every project becomes a competitive event within the studio, spurring on creative excellence with the will to win.

That pursuit of clarity he describes feels familiar to Beardwood&Co. Even when a client hands over a prepared brief, we probe away until we're sure we completely understand the situation and how to change it. It's also why we prefer to conduct upfront research whenever we can to dig deeper insights.

It was the idea of the internal design competition that I found surprising. Our collaborative culture is the polar opposite, striving to help each other succeed at every step, building on ideas in critiques and behind the scenes. I loved having my eyes opened to a different way of doing things, and walked away wondering if both approaches are equally effective, or is one better?

My sincere thanks to Robert and Jeremy of Lewis Moberly for being so open and generous with their time and ideas.