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Brand New or the Old One?

by ryan • August 27

The Cooper Hewitt’s latest exhibition, Graphic Design - Now In Production, is a great survey across the discipline and highlights some standouts over the past decade. Free to the public on Governor’s Island through September 3rd, it is well worth the visit.

Brand New's interactive logo voting both is crowd pleaser.  If you aren’t familiar, Brand New’s very popular B-side posts invite a public debate and vote on recently redesigned logos.  Having had our work for Pinch Provisions featured, we know the pressure that comes from having the community critique your work in such an open forum.

The display asks the public to vote on over a dozen recent redesigns with yellow chips.  As we say around the office, not everyone is a designer, but everyone is a critic.  On Sunday, it seemed like the old and new designs were tied, with the exception of the old Starbucks logo, which was vastly preferred by the visitors.  It’s an age old debate – follow what the public says they like or boldly choose an unkown that is unique, memorable and on strategy. Which one would you choose?