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The dumpster project

by loren • September 17

The dumpster project was born of necessity as artist Mac Premo needed to move his studio to a smaller space. Instead of tossing all the treasures he had found through the years back into the trash he decided to display them. What better place to show off a curated collection of refuse than in a dumpster?

What was really striking about the work was how badly I wanted some of the items. Like a fine boutique in Brooklyn carefully displaying their items, so too did Mac Premo place each item and even the screws that he used to collage the work together.

The subject mater tended to be about the American experience, and how it is interpreted both in this country and through an outside lens.

One distinct American aspect is how seemingly disposable most of the products we interact with are. Mac has used display, context and materials to show this discarded material in a new light.

Frequently using Lacquer, clear acrylic, paint to reconstitute and showcase old and weathered gum wrappers, loto tickets, baseball cards, and ticket stubs.

The dumpster project is part of the 2012 Governors Island Art Fair, free and open to the public every weekend in September from 11 am to 6pm.