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Beardwood&Co. Weathers The Storm

by sadie • November 2

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy, especially those who have lost loved ones and those whose homes and businesses were damaged. And thank you to all of our clients and partners who have reached out to check on us and make sure we're okay. We are!

While our office in SoHo was closed this week due to the power outage, our unstoppable staff never skipped a beat. Working from home (or others' homes), meetings were conducted (via Google Hangout), designs were critiqued, deadlines were met.

Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but we implemented each and every one of our values this week. Talk about "Bravery" - one of our fearless leaders even bicycled through the Mad Max streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan to retrieve our server from the darkened office.

We expect to be back in the office on Monday, whirring and clicking as per usual (if the electricity complies). The only sad casualty for Beardwood is the content of our lunch fridge and the unfortunate employee who volunteers to clean it out… I guess I just did.