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Destination branding done right

Destination branding done right

by loren • June 10

I am always impressed by destination branding done right. It seems like a lot of tourism logos get lost in a sea of meaningless swirls, suns and flags. To capture the true essence of what makes a place special and do it in a unique and conceptually rich way is quite tricky. Below are a few of my favorite that seem to have done it right.


This Identity really works well for me. It is unique, expressive, sexy and feels quite modern and fashionable. All qualities that could be used to describe Miami's rich nightlife and shiny glass buildings. The extreme geometry of the logo captures the bold architecture and vibrant culture within the city.


I love this simple execution of an iconic piece of Peru's history. Utilizing the ancient terraces (seen on right) brings conceptual grounding to a very approachable and playful logo. I get a sense of energy from the spiral graphic and vibrant colors used as backgrounds. The logo also says to me that your experience will be an unwinding journey, which is always a good message when thinking about planning a trip. I have always wanted to go to Peru anyway but now I would feel good about returning home with a good looking T-shirt!



This identity is several years old by now but I have always loved it and it still feels fresh. This Identity does a great job of capturing the collective spirit of the Bahama islands. Each shape is unique and represents the Bahamas abstractly while also orienting the mark appropriately to overlay a map. The bright colors and organic shapes directly reference the laid back feel of the Bahamas. On the right are several examples of how the Identity successfully extends across various applications.