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Organic Icelandic Yogurt

Organic Icelandic Yogurt

by loren • June 17

Walking down the aisle the other day and saw this design that really caught my attention. The stark, clean design is very appealing and channels the aesthetic of the Scandinavian region from which the founder is from.

The Icelandic mountain peaks serve as a clever double take as you turn the package they become the yogurt itself with a spoon and fruit. I love the clever scale change as well as the strong color coding of the bright diagonal lines to communicate flavor. The brand logo (a spoon with a viking hat) adds a touch of playful humor and conceptual merit.

Website communication is very clean and simple. I love the visual diagram that clearly shows the process used to create Smári. The minimalist white webspace and package conveys the super freshness that you expect from a dairy product.

Meet the supporting cast! A great tone of voice builds a strong personality and really makes a human connection that drives this great design home. For instance the cow "Eola" enjoys: Buttercups & Historical Fiction. Aside from being funny it serves as a playful way to connect the product to the freshest of ingredients and show you where your yogurt comes from.