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Beardwood Day!

by aimee • October 9

Every year the team patiently awaits Beardwood Day! A time for us to get out of the office and exercise our core values; Bravery, Anti-Bland, Curiosity, and Humanity. This year we chose an activity that embraced team building and competition…BOWLING!

The Beardwood team headed to The Gutter in Williamsburg for an authentic and trendy bowling experience. After a nail biting series of games, laughs, high fives, and strike dances, we all considered ourselves winners!

A little bit of physical activity really tickled our tummies! It was time to head over the ISA, a modern organic restaurant in Williamsburg, for a delicious dinner and wine. The interior was beautifully crafted and carried a triangular theme throughout. The menus were hand illustrated and designed by local artists. A very inspiring environment for the team to take in. Not much more to say about the food other than…WOW!

Definitely a day to go down in Beardwood history!