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Levi's Commuter Workshops (but, don't call it a pop-up)

by ryan • July 7

To further promote the Levi's Commuter line of cycling themed and weatherproof clothing, they have opened Commuter Workshops in Brooklyn, LA, and London.

The Brooklyn outpost, in Williamsburg on Metropolitan, opened on Sunday and is open through the month of July.  The lack of branding, shared worktables and bike repair station make it feel like any other co-working space in Brooklyn, which might be the point.  With lectures, bike repairs, DJ sets, and a seamstress on-site to sew on reflective tape, it's no wonder that the small rack of actual clothing for purchase might be missed.    

It's too early to tell, but the community workshop approach might be a perfect fit for the brand and the anti-establishment young men that they are appealing to.  Wouldn't you rather stroll into Commuter Workshop rather than a Levi's Pop-Up Shop?