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Sperry Top-Sider + Extra Butter Launch Party

by heather • July 16

The Lower East side. Sneakerheads. 80's throw backs. Boat Shoes. Summer. Weekend at Bernies.

What do all of these things have in common?

An extremely awesome sneaker collaboration between Sperry Top-Sider and Extra Butter.

Last Thursday, Extra Butter hosted an event at their Lower East Side store to kick off the launch. Beardwood&Co was tasked to design a custom themed room in the back of the store, where guests were escorted when they were interested in purchasing the shoes, or just to get a sense of what the collaboration is all about.

I had the pleasure of being involved in the creation of this custom room from start to finish. And I have to say that rarely in the advertising world are you able to see a design be executed in way that truly represents the original design intent.

Here's an image of the rendering along with images of the final room design and the event.

I felt proud of my team, proud of Sperry Top-Sider and proud to be cool enough to get invited to the party :)