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99 bottles of beer in the box

99 bottles of beer in the box

by loren • August 29

Ok so they are cans, but wow a 99 pack?? EVERYTHING really is bigger in Texas.

The seven foot long pack contains 99 beers for 99.99$. Austin Beerworks started this idea as a joke but it has gained traction and attention for the company through Facebook and other media attention. One of the founders, Michael Graham claims “I guess we underestimated the power of a stupid idea.”

I agree this seems gimmicky and clearly this campaign was generated to gain publicity for the beer brand, but whats wrong with that? Its working right? Everyone is attempting to strike a social media coord that resonates, sometimes it requires us to think outside the box, or in this case inside a really big box... Would you buy one?

Here is a link to a video made for the launch.