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Whiskey crisps?

Whiskey crisps?

by loren • August 29

Hey, I like a good bourbon or scotch as much as the next guy but this new product is taking it to the extreme.

Mackie's of Scotland have been innovating and testing some very interesting flavors lately. From Mackie's website: "We have combined whisky flavoring with another Scottish favorite to create it’s new Whisky & Haggis flavor potato crisps. At the same time, we are also launching new Venison & Cranberry crisps." If you don't know what Haggis is... google it, it very well may "turn your stomach"! Other innovative flavors include Caramelized Red Onion, Prawn Cocktail, Roast Ham and Sea Salt & Mixed Peppercorns.

Leave it to the Scot's! So clearly these flavors were meant to appeal to a certain region and not to please everyone. We are in an age of discriminating taste and increasingly we have more choices and nuances in the products we buy. I applaud this company for providing distinctive innovations that are bold and NOT trying to appeal to everyone in a catch all method driven by consumer test results and focus groups. The best brands differentiate themselves by constantly innovating and standing for something. Go big or go home! For their bravery Mackie's was awarded the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Award for Retail Product: Confectionery and Snacking this year.