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Pop-Up Flop

by ryan • October 13

Over Columbus Day weekend, the Gap's #Dressnormal project flopped into Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The shipping container pop-up experience took over a parking lot on a leafy shopping street, but no one seemed to care as it sat empty.

There is good reason not to care, as the experience is nothing to tweet home about. While the interior is plastered in photos by street style photographer Tommy Ton and costume designer Trish Summerville curates the clothing, the experience felt flat. The product wasn't limited edition and can be purchased at any Gap store or online. By Sunday afternoon, they were offering a 40% discount, which didn't help it feel special. Beyond the expected and unused Instagram station to print out pictures tagged with #Dressnormal, there weren't any layers to the experience to engage or get you talking.

Compared to the Levi's Commuter Workshop, the experience felt forced, inappropriate for the neighborhood and lacked the depth of experience to create a buzz-worthy experience. While it might turn heads in a suburban shopping mall parking lot, #Dressnormal barely garnered a #yawn in Brooklyn.