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Gamifying Graphic Design

Gamifying Graphic Design

by michael • January 7

My general policy in life is that anything that can be made into a game, should be made into a game. Luckily for me, people have made some fun (and hard) games to test your graphic design mettle. Try out some of these browser-based games!


Start with this simple Chinese color-spotting game. Try to find the one square that's a slightly different shade from the others. It gets harder as you go, too.

Then move onto X-Rite's Color Challenge. Rearrange the swatches to make a smooth gradient.

Finally, the most difficult color game: Color by Method of Action. Try to match the displayed color, first simply by hue. Adding saturation makes it ten times harder.


In Type Connection, create your own font pairings, and try to find the best match — there are many ways to find a complimentary font.

Test your kerning skills with KernType, and your aesthetic and bézier chops with ShapeType. Make sure to keep your handles orthogonal!