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Pop Up Top Tips

Pop Up Top Tips

by ryan • February 17

We had the amazing opportunity to develop two Pop-Up experiences last summer for Sperry Top-Sider in New York and London. As people hunger for authentic and unique experiences, the Pop-Up can deliver where other tools can't. Here are top tips for making a one-of-a-kind experience that fans will rave about on your behalf.

1.Make it live

Digital interaction in-situ is nice, but live experiences are what people will share to build your brand. The Sperry Top-Sider collaboration with ExtraButter event paired a live DJ set with an airbrush artist hand-painting trucker hats for patrons.

2.Make it multi-layered

One avenue to engage isn't enough. Layers of discovery and experience are what create buzz-worthy events. Levi's Commuter Workshop delivered this idea in spades - offering bike repairs, classes, a sewing repair station, baristas and oh yeah, a curated line of actual Levi's product.

3.Make it limited edition

As we all hunger for unique experiences, limited edition product is elemental in helping people demonstrate their knowledge and individuality. Even luxury brand Fendi is getting in on the act. Their 6-month Pop-Up in Soho features custom products and vintage one-of-a-kind items, with a rotating product focus and assortment every month to drive return visits.

4.Make it social

Getting out in front of your Pop-Up experience on social is critical to success. Yes, you should develop a hastag to promote, monitor and drive the experience. Think bigger still. How can you get the message into the hands of others to broaden the reach? Is there a brand collaboration or community group that can amplify your message beyond where you can reach?

What are your top tips for a buzz-worthy Pop-Up experience?