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Andrew’s Adirondack Bike-Packing Trip

Andrew’s Adirondack Bike-Packing Trip

by andrew • June 12

I had never been to the Adirondacks. I guess that's as good of reason as any to go on a 9 day vacation there. I always get bored 3 days into a vacation so I needed something to fill my time. I love cycling and I love camping. I decided I would tour the major lakes of the Adirondacks on my bike, and camp at night.

I was more concerned with the gear I brought with me than the route or where I would be staying at night. Other than my round-trip Amtrak ticket to Schenectady NY, I had no plans.

Here's the link to my extensive pre-trip checklist: Lake Champlain Checklist

Check out my route map. It's pretty close to accurate. Of course I added a whole lot of miles scouting out towns, exploring back roads, lakes, and taking dead end routes. Over the course of the 9 days, I believe I biked around 420 miles.

It sounds simple, but the thing I loved the most while being on the road was waving to all the wonderful people in their front yards while passing.

3 Lessons I Learned:

  1. 1. Bug Spray melts plastic bike helmets.
  2. 2. Mountain Bike trails should not be part of a touring route.
  3. 3. Not having a plan was the best plan of all.