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Brands Making Human Connections

Brands Making Human Connections

by kimberly • June 17

I found this clip by way of a photographer friend of mine, originally from Portland. Though I noticed some occasional product and logo placement, I didn't realize it was heavily supported by Patagonia, and a handful of other brands. The intrinsic quality of the film shines so brightly that no corporate support could tarnish its richness, in fact it can only make it better.

Check out the video, also have a tissue handy.

I find it rare (and exciting) when a brand's ethos is so well represented by the people who buy it. I attribute this to the quality of the product, as well the brand's ability to maintain focus on core users -- rather than trying to be something for everyone. As "keepers of brands", I consider this to be at the heart of a branding agency's responsibility when shaping a brand's positioning (and all other appropriate jargon).

Evolving new and distinctive brand worlds with the right dosage of shock and awe not only enlivens Marketing and Design but also strengthens the perception of the brand and engages audiences in a meaningful way.