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Are you uncomfortable? Are you excited?

Are you uncomfortable? Are you excited?

by sarah • July 1

These are the words that hang above our critique wall in the studio, and you may hear us reference them from time to time. It's a dimension of how we approach our work.

Why would we want to be uncomfortable, you might ask? Because this is when we know we are charting new territory, when we are on the verge of something interesting, something different, or something that envisions a brief in an entirely new way. Sure it may mean challenging conventions and norms, but if we always follow conventions we will never stand out. We seek discomfort because it means something has the potential to break through and create new meaning. Change is never easy, but if it is for the right reasons it can be powerful.

And in turn, we are excited! Because we are passionate about what we do. We live for solving juicy challenges and trying new things. If there is possibly a new way or a better way to do something, it's exciting to be on the verge of that. Beauty excites us, culture excites us, but most of all— human connections excite us.