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In The Red

In The Red

by andrew • August 24

Earth Overshoot Day is the day when Earth's ecological footprint annually exceeds its biocapacity. This year it moved up to August 13th from August 17th. The world's consumption is bad and it's getting worse.

The Global Footprint Network keeps track of the ecological footprint of nations and populations then compares it to biocapacities. It then creates easily digestible interactive infographics based on this data.

The website demonstrates the power of well organized data. It also demonstrates the potential for good design to increase scientific literacy in the public.

I would love to see some of this data be used to change people's living habits. If the public had conveniently available statistics based on their ecological decisions, it could have a positive impact. The data could empower the public to challenge themselves to stay within consumption allowances.

With wearable technology becoming more woven into our lives, (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Nike+) games could be made to incentivize keeping personal ecological footprints in the black.

Food for thought:

— Would you voluntarily restrict your consumption habits to a yearly ecological allowance?

— Would tax incentives for keeping your footprint to a surplus have an affect on your habits?

— Would different allowances based on the biome you reside in entice you to move to more sustainable regions?