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3% Conference Highlights

3% Conference Highlights

by sarah • November 11

This year I had the exciting opportunity to attend the 3% Conference, focused on growing the number of women in leadership roles in the creative field. The conference was chock full of brilliant, pioneering women, and it was powerful to see them coming together to unite around advancing equality and diversity in the creative field. Here were some of the highlights:

Speed Mentoring: This year I had the honor of being a mentor and sharing advice and insights with up & comers in the field. Think of Speed Mentoring like Speed Dating, except it's a highly energized and engaging way to share feedback and advice. As a mentor, it was incredibly energizing to support young creatives in such a high impact and focuses way. Speed Mentoring was founded be Rebecca Rivera— and I highly encourage participating as a mentor (as a way to pay it forward) or mentee (as a way to get some good focused bursts of insight on your career).

Janet Champ and Judy John: Janet and Judy have both made a huge impact on how women are portrayed in advertising. Janet Champ developed creative for Nike back in the day with the "If You Let Me Play" campaign, and Judy John made waves with her "Like a Girl" campaign for Always. Seeing them both present together demonstrated how clients with brave briefs and big ideas can advance how women are represented in media— but just as important create a real cultural connection with their target audience that goes much deeper than buying a product.

Allie Kline (AOL) & Gail Tifford (Unilever): Allie and Gail were two panelists on the CMO round table discussion. As CMO's they both stressed the importance of getting the work in front of the right people (key decision makers) as the best way of driving big ideas forward. They both recalled moments when creative had been watered down by the time it reached their desk, and making sure all stake holders are present along the way was so critical. Unilever has implemented an annual "cutting room floor" presentation, where agencies can present creative ideas that didn't live past the first round— and this has lead to some of their most recent and impactful work.

Cindy Gallop: Last but not least, Cindy rallied the audience with a rousing and provocative presentation, as is her signature. She does not shy away from calling out why advancing women's roles in the creative field is critical— in order to connect with a diverse audience, we must raise and accelerate diversity within our agencies. This is how we will stay relevant into the future.