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Star Wars: The Brands Awaken

Star Wars: The Brands Awaken

by derek • November 24

Does it seem like you've as many R2-D2s as Christmas trees in the build up to this holiday season? With less than a month away to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one of the most anticipated films in history, expect Star Wars brand presence to be at an all-time high. Over the past year, Lucasfilm and Disney have teamed up with a roster of brands both big and small to bring Star Wars fans even closer to a galaxy far, far away.

Here's a look at a few of the most interesting partnerships, from the odd to the awesome:


Out of the dozens of Star Wars partnerships I've looked at, Coffee-mate is one of the strangest. At least the graphics are fun and the flavors match up surprisingly well to their characters (with the exception of Boba Fett, who couldn't be further from Italian or sweet).


I don't quite understand this one. I guess Uggs could keep you warm on the wintry tundras of Hoth, but overall, this seems like an odd partnership for the Star Wars brand.

ANA Airlines

While these wraps for ANA, one of Japan's largest airlines, are fun, I definitely think there was a missed opportunity to deck out their jetliners like an X-Wing or some of Star Wars' many other spacecrafts.

Dodge & Hot Wheels

Back in September, Dodge lent Uber a mini-fleet of eight Dodge chargers decked out like the new First Order Stormtroopers. New Yorkers could catch a ride in them for free with a special promo code. It's too bad I missed out on this promotion, because I would have felt like the coolest dork in the world rolling up to work in one of these guys.


I had initially thought this partnership was purely a grab for cash, but the more I thought about it, it's one that makes the most sense. Beautifully intricate costumes and makeup were one of the defining parts of the Star Wars universe and this limited edition Covergirl collection definitely reflects its spirit.

Pottery Barn

Forget racecar beds, what young (or old) Star Wars fan wouldn't want to retreat to the Millennium Falcon after a long day of fighting the Empire? If you have $3,999 burning a hole in your pocket, the dream can become reality.


Much like Covergirl, this seemed like a random partnership at first. Then this new TV spot reminded me that the lightsabers and mountains of other Star Wars toys that will spark kids' imaginations aren't going to power themselves.

Google & Verizon

This project hasn't fully launched yet, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what it becomes. Currently available is Google's "Awaken the Force Within" campaign, in which users can transform their Google apps with skins and features in Light and Dark side themes. I'm most excited for the Force Awakens experience using Google's Cardboard Virtual Reality technology. The experience will be released for viewing on both iOS and Android systems on December 2nd and limited edition cardboard viewers will be available from Verizon stores.


When BB-8 was revealed in the first Force Awakens teaser trailer, Star Wars fans everywhere wanted their own version of the lovable droid. Robotic toy start-up Sphero got attention for creating spherical app-enabled robots, so they were the perfect team to bring a realistic BB-8 toy to life. Using a beautifully designed mobile app that looks and feels like interfaces seen in the films, you can control your very own BB-8 droid, as well as train him to respond to your voice and patrol your home. Retailing at $149.99, this is at the top of holiday lists of fans of all ages.

Which of these collaborations are you most excited about?