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MOFAD – Museum of Food and Drink open in Brooklyn

MOFAD – Museum of Food and Drink open in Brooklyn

by ryan • March 17

On a leafy side street in Williamsburg you can find the temporary home of the Museum of Food and Drink – The MOFAD Lab. Billed as the city's first food museum with exhibits you can eat. Their goal is to show how exciting it is to learn about the culture, history, science, production, and commerce of food and drink. The current exhibition, Flavor: Making It and Faking, has been extended through May 31st, 2016 and is totally worth the visit.

Great exhibition design (on a budget) highlights the history of flavor in commercial food production. In depth histories of MSG and flavor additives are fascinating, but the stand out experiences involve other senses. A variety of Umami pills are dispensed from gumball machines to explore the various ways the fifth taste is added to the food. The smell machines, with their many tendriled olfactory tubes, look like some robot nightmare, but deliver a variety of scent experiments and experiences to test your brain and what you think you smell.

A small museum, with a big impact and a fascinating take on our modern food culture.