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Cyc Fitness

Own Your Beat

The Challenge

Cyc – an indoor cycling studio offering high energy, beat-based rides – needed to reposition to more clearly differentiate itself from players dominating the industry and to revamp its visual identity system and brand voice to resonate with those already do, or are interested in, group fitness.

Our Solution

Fitness-goers, whether novice or advanced, are motivated by progress over perfection. We landed upon the tagline, “Own your beat”, to speak to both the notion that riders are invited to come to Cyc as they are and collectively strive for progress and also to the beat-based rides. We then developed a visual identity system and brand voice to feel distinctive, engaging and true to the brand -- and translated that to multiple touchpoints, including digital and environmental design.

Brand Toolkit

Energetic, bold color palette paired with dynamic graphic elements. Candid photography style and expressive typeface treatment.


We partnered with digital agency, Free Association, to revamp the Cyc website and launch a new app to seamlessly book rides on-the-go.


From clean wayfinding signage to wall graphics geared toward Instagram-worthy photo ops. Large and impactful messaging throughout the studio experience.

Secondary Mark

We created a secondary mark for the brand that embodies Cyc’s unique fusion of music and movement to be used on gear and promotional materials.

“Beardwood&Co. helped us to better understand our customers, create a brand experience that builds off the energy of our classes, and forge an emotional connection in order to stand out amongst our competitors.”

Samantha Manheimer

President, Cyc Fitness