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How do you capture the essence of man?

The Challenge

The BRUT brand has stood for a classic American definition of masculinity for over 40 years. It’s been interwoven into the fabric of America with its famous spokesmen of the past – from Joe Namath to Muhammad Ali, but needed to rekindle brand awareness and speak to today’s generation.

Our Solution

We developed a powerful new identity and graphic packaging to appeal to the modern male and deliver on the promise “The Essence of Man.”


We conducted focus groups and learned that the logo and shield (central to the evolved identity) represents the BRUT man: strong, confident and powerful. The logo’s chiseled typography provides increased legibility and recognition while popping off the strong black shield shape. The shield contains the tagline, “The Essence of Man” to the brand in a unified on and off-pack element.

Brand Family

We developed the names for two new fragrances added to expand the range. Building off the brand’s green equity, the new packaging system is cohesive on shelf and simple to shop across forms and scents, which is exactly what guys told us they wanted. The addition of a silver outline to the shield amps up the strength and quality perceptions.

“We are really proud of this year's changes. The added antiperspirant/deodorant scents are a great way to offer something new, while staying true to our roots, and the updated packaging really speaks to the BRUT consumer.”

Rick Cutler

Senior Director, North America, Idelle Labs