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Columbia Athletics

Visual Identity & Environmental Design

The Challenge

Columbia University Athletics had a losing reputation they were looking to shake, especially because it was more perception than reality given several of their programs were winning championships. They needed a distinctive Columbia Athletics brand story that celebrated successes and instilled a sense of pride and belonging for current/future athletes, alumni, coaches, supporters and the community at large.

Our Solution

Columbia Athletics has the only D1 athletics program in Manhattan and is the only Ivy League university in New York City, offering student athletes world-class access to unlimited opportunity, networking and culture. Student athletes, alumni, coaches and administrators all gave overwhelming support for a platform focused around "Only Here." The concept speaks to the unique experience of a Columbia University athlete and resonates with the broader Columbia community at large. We developed an "Only Here" visual campaign and brand voice that mirror the spirit of New York City, feeling bold and gritty - and extended that system to wall graphics in their facilities.

Visual Identity System

Refined logo lock-up feels modern and fresh. In photographic treatments, athletes are depicted as heroes, and iconic 
New York City cityscapes serve as the backdrop. Texture pairs with straightforward messages to communicate grit.

Brand Voice

Inspired by New York City itself. Empowered and to the point,
 the voice plays off well-known New York City sayings.


Clean treatments and simple messages paired with dynamic
 wall treatments celebrate accomplishments and the city where
 it all takes place.