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Country Life Vitamins

How do you modernize
a market leader?

The Challenge

Country Life has been at the top of the natural supplement category for over 40 years. But decades of diffusion had left them with a disjointed product line and an outdated logo hidden at the bottom of packs.

Our Solution

We established a clear and organized system with a vibrant logo that sits proudly on the top of the labels. The new, refreshed logo acts as a beacon for the brand, instead of a setting sun sign-off.


The logo is a fresh update of the original, which can be interpreted as a sun, a flower, or abstracted vitamins, reinforcing the benefit of a happy, healthy life.


A bright, modernized Country Life logo at the top of each label makes it easy to find products across multiple categories. Bigger, bolder type is made possible by maximizing label space and clarifying communication hierarchy. Consistently placed information makes it easier to compare products, a challenge in a very crowded, confusing shelf.

Brand Family

The strong branding system extended across the entire range creates a recognizable family look, with the flexibility to stretch beyond the core line of supplements. The entire line includes nearly 100 SKUs. We extended the core system to kids and baby lines, creating a unified wall of green and yellow at shelf.

“We were excited for the chance to partner again with Beardwood&Co. for the restage of Country Life Vitamins. We knew their strategic as well as creative insights would lead to a contemporary look for the brand, while respecting our heritage of 40 years as the category leader. The new packaging pops cohesively on shelf making a real difference in the way consumers view our product line.”

Elizabeth Poon

Director of Marketing, Country Life